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Fortum's decade-long commitment to the River Clean-up

30 August 2023, 13:12 EEST

The River Clean-up has embodied environmental responsibility and social engagement throughout eleven successful years. This initiative supports youth sports clubs along the rivers where we operate our Swedish hydropower plants, while benefitting the environment at the same time.

Today, an alarming amount of rubbish is thrown into Sweden's nature. It is an environmental threat that affects both animal life and the environment negatively. Much of the rubbish that is thrown into nature ends up in waterways and is taken out to sea. The River Clean-up (Älvstädningen), is a great example of environmental responsibility and social engagement showcasing our vision for a thriving world.

In collaboration with Städa Sverige, Fortum organizes the River Clean-up every summer. We clean up rubbish from the rivers and nearby nature together with young people from local sports associations. Thanks to the rivers, we can have hydropower in the Nordics: a flexible and fossil-free energy source that we think is important for a sustainable future.

In August 2023, in total, an inspiring 3000 youths participated from about 140 distinct sports clubs. This year's River Clean-up spanned across 28 municipalities of the 35 where Fortum has hydropower plants. The River Clean-up takes place simultaneously over the weekend across five rivers.

Together we can make an impact

Fortum has hydroelectric plants in many of the rivers around Sweden. With the River Clean-up, we get the opportunity to do something good for nature together with young people and adults who live near the rivers. All participating sports associations receive compensation for their efforts. For many associations, it has become a tradition to participate in the River Clean-up, where together we take the fight against litter in nature!

Beyond its evident environmental significance, the River Clean-up aligns social responsibility with tangible action. Together with our stakeholders we actively contributed to cleaner riverbanks, while engaging and supporting each other and leaving positive ripples of change across our communities.