One of Europe's best energy apps

21 May 2024, 16:08 EEST

The Fortum app has been ranked as the fourth best energy app in the whole of Europe. With the app, customers get a full overview of their electricity consumption and access to services and solutions that help them use electricity in a smarter and more efficient way.

The ranking was conducted by LCP Delta, one of Europe's leading companies in research, data, and analysis related to energy transition and the green transition. 

More than 250 energy apps from across Europe were evaluated and assessed based on factors such as the insights provided to customers, the degree of personalization, access to smart services, and the proportion of the company's customers using the app. 

Based on this, the Norwegian Fortum app, was awarded fourth place on the list.

— Our goal is to ensure the best possible user-friendly and beneficial experience in the Fortum app. For us, this means that it should be easy to get a full overview of consumption, electricity prices, personalized advice, and access to services such as smart automated management of electric vehicle charging and heating of homes," says Ole Marius Smestad, leader of the development team behind the Norwegian Fortum app. 

It's great to see that the Fortum app is recognized both through customers' own app ratings and that we are at the top level in such a European ranking as LCP Delta.

Ole Marius Smestad

Saving money and contributing to the green transition

In its report, LCP Delta writes that energy apps have an important role to play in engaging electricity customers to take action and become more energy efficient. These apps also provide customers with the insights and tools they need to translate this engagement into action.

As an addition to increased energy production, energy saving by consumers frees up kilowatt-hours that can be used to decarbonize industries, and shifting consumption to hours with lower electricity demand and cheaper prices ensures a more optimal utilization of the capacity in the power grid.

 — We go to work every day to give our customers an even better user experience than the day before. Innovation and adaptation to tomorrow's electricity market are central to Fortum's strategy, and we can promise exciting developments for our customers in the time to come," says Smestad, concluding:

We aim to provide customers with everything they need to optimize their electricity consumption in a way that benefits both their own wallets and society. The fact that our app is ranked at the top in Europe provides great motivation for further work,