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Fortum Consumer Solutions’ customer benefit program inspires to make sustainable everyday choices

20 August 2021, 14:56 EEST

Man and woman recycle trash at home

Making sustainable everyday choices is not always simple. Many people would like to carry out more climate-friendly actions, but it’s not so easy in the middle of busy everyday life.

At Fortum, a cleaner future is the guiding factor in our operations; it is the most important thing for us. That is why we are constantly looking for new solutions in the energy sector and developing greener products and services. In addition to climate-friendly electricity contracts, we also wanted to give our customers another way to make easy, yet ecological choices. That’s why we created a benefit programme which challenges our customers to participate in small climate-related actions.

We reward everyday climate actions with electricity hours

As our customer, you can participate in monthly challenges and earn electricity hours. Participation is always voluntary, but by completing the challenges, you earn electricity hours. These hours are collected over a calendar year and are compensated once a year.

As a bonus, the actions might become a habit over time!

How are the challenges chosen?

We choose the challenges carefully for example by selecting small everyday actions that research institutes have proven to have impact for environment and climate. For example, Sitra has published a lot of information about what actions affect our carbon footprint.

Even small actions matter! The actions we choose for challenges can be anything from recycling, using a bike instead of a car for commuting, to minimizing food wasted. We try to develop challenges for every lifestyle, and we’re always receptive to ideas from our customers.

Lightening your carbon footprint becomes a natural part of everyday life with the help of our programme.

It’s easier to succeed together

Together we can make a difference. A change in personal consumption is an essential act on the road to carbon neutrality. At Fortum, we want to support and inspire our customers as they test and learn new routines - it's easier together!

For example, the choice of your electricity contract has a significant impact. Did you know how much influence you, along with our other customers, can have if you choose a climate-friendly electricity contract? Last year, with the help of our customers, we reduced our carbon footprint by more than 420,000,000 kg in Finland. That truly is an example of the power of making changes together, and that’s precisely what our challenges aim for. Even small actions can have a surprising significance when you consider their impact on a large scale.

Change starts with a small step forward

It is easier to start with small changes to your lifestyle if you know where to begin. Our benefit programme helps you explore climate-friendly actions and routines. Join today!

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