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Smart Charging offers a sustainable way to save up to 20% on electric car charging costs

11 March 2022, 11:34 EET

Smart Charging

Traffic is being electrified at a rapid pace. More and more people are choosing electric cars, mainly for two reasons: to make a positive impact on the climate and to save money on car operating costs. Smart Charging, the smart new solution from Fortum helps you to achieve these both.

Charging an electric car at home is basically very easy. When we return home from work, most of us just plug our car into the charger and leave it there charging until the next morning.

Sounds easy and practical – but there is one major disadvantage with this “typical” way of charging: the charging starts as soon as we plug in the car, and in most cases it is at a time of day when electricity prices are still at their highest.

Based on the concept developed by Fortum in Norway – the largest electric vehicles market in the world – Fortum is now able to offer a purely digital, automatic smart charging solution to Fortum customers also in Sweden.

“With the Fortum Smart Charging app you can ensure that your car is charging at night – outside of peak pricing – thus with lower electricity prices and when the energy generated produces the lowest CO2 emissions,” says Anton Gustavsson, Offering Manager at Fortum Sweden.

Good for the climate and your wallet – all automatically!

For the average car driver in Sweden with a regular electric car and home charger, the savings on charging costs could be up to 20 percent for the first months.

“Our intelligent app ensures that the car charges when the power price is low, and it works with all types of chargers. When combined with the Fortum Charge & Drive app, you will save even more money: at sign-up, you will get 200 SEK to charge your car,” Anton explains. “Additionally, Fortum Charge & Drive offers access to the largest charging network in the Nordics, making it your perfect charging companion on longer road trips or during vacations.”

One of the best things about Fortum Smart Charging is that the whole process is fully automated. “Smart Charging is completely automatic: all you need to do is connect the app and the car. This means that you can reduce charging costs, even if you do not have a smart charging box,” Anton stresses.

Users in Norway love this simple way of saving money

Kristina Hoff Wanderas, Head of New Personal Living Environment Services at Fortum, says that Fortum Smart Charging is one example of successful scaling across the operating countries of Fortum Consumer Solutions. “The feedback from our customers in Norway has been really positive, and people are surprised by how easy it is to use the app. Simple, easy, reliable and, most importantly, offering good savings – this is how our satisfied customers describe Fortum Smart Charging. And now we are excited to bring these great benefits also to electric car drivers in Sweden!”