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Future Female - Electric Future

30 September 2019, 11:59 EEST

Fortum Charge & Drive hosted a Future Female event at the Espoo HQ to discuss the future of mobility.

Future Female seminar

With bursts of laughter and spontaneous applause, it was hard to tell if the meeting of 100 women in tech was a meeting to discuss eMobility or a stand-up comedy show; such was the audience and reception on the topic of eMobility, shared by Mariana da Silva Mota, Data Scientist at Fortum Charge & Drive.

"I wanted to tell a story," explained Mariana, "not just present the data". So the story started with the first-ever transaction on the Fortum Charge & Drive network in Finland and an image and weather conditions from the precise moment it happened.

"Why does the story start from the first transaction? Because that's when money changed hands. That's when someone agreed to pay for the charging service. And the minute someone is willing to pay for the service, that's when businesses start taking a real interest," explains Mariana. Next, the story described the market trends, societal influences, and the measurable impact seen in our data from the market development over the past ten years.

After an equally enjoyable talk from Ulla Tikkanen (from Forum Virium) about the piloting of autonomous buses in European cities, as well as a lively Q&A session, the guests were invited to check out the many Teslas that were kindly brought to our headquarters by Tesla Club Finland. People could check out and even test drive the EVs! Guests were also invited into the office parking garage, where they were able to see the setup of our EV chargers, test how the charging process works, and ask any questions related to charging.

The subject of electric vehicles, charging, and eMobility remains a hot topic with great appeal. Questions were raised on all subjects, from EV charging to battery chemistry and automobile deliveries to the ethics of mining. The only complaint was that it ended too soon - for an after-work event that lasted from 17:00 - 20:30 on a Thursday, that it ended "too soon" is a testament to how well it was received.

Thank you, Future Female, for the opportunity to host you - we'll have to do it again!

Go to Future Female to learn more about the organisation and see more pictures from the event!

All pictures by Maarit Halonen.