RadEx® – Radiation Expertise

We can provide both industrial sector enterprises and research institutions with the services of a radiation safety expert required for the safety licence in the use of radiation.

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Key benefits for RadEx® clients

Collaboration partners
A simple service agreement model
General meeting
Life-cycle management of the radiation safety expert obligations provided in the Radiation Act
For students
Staff training

Our simple service agreement model includes:

  • a comprehensive assessment of the safety of radiation use
  • scaling according to the extent of the radiation practice (classes 1–3)
  • topical RadEx® info messages from industry professionals
  • documentation maintenance support
  • support in the event of deviations

Life-cycle management of the radiation safety expert obligations provided in the Radiation Act

  • A radiation safety expert must be used in all stages, from procurement to use and from decommissioning to disposal.
  • The radiation safety expert serves as an interpreter between the undertaking and the authorities.
  • The radiation safety expert provides assistance in relation to sealed and unsealed radiation sources, X-ray apparatuses and sources of natural radiation.
  • The radiation safety expert provides support in applications for safety licences and the creation of the safety assessment required in maintenance.
  • Serves as a safety adviser in the transport of dangerous goods.

Staff training

  • coaching and supplementary training of the radiation safety officer
  • supplementary training of the staff involved in the use of radiation
  • face-to-face and remote training, online training (e-learning) as part of the training, practical and virtual reality training

Our areas of expertise

  • Maintaining and improving radiation safety in Finland
  • Applying for safety licences and keeping them up to date
  • Computational review of radiation exposure
  • Continuous competence development
  • Active monitoring of official requirements and their practical application
  • Enabling our clients to benefit from the most recent information
  • Supplementary training and coaching related to radiation safety
  • Serving as safety advisers in the transport of dangerous goods

Mika Pikkarainen

Senior Technical Expert
Tel: +358 40 537 0527
mika [dot] pikkarainen [at] fortum [dot] com

Jere Luukkanen

Project Manager
Tel: +358 40 075 3707
jere [dot] luukkanen [at] fortum [dot] com

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