e-invoicing requirements

The table below shows the data fields which must be included in your e-invoices (in both XML data and invoice image)

Mandatory fields are marked with asterisk (*)

Fields Comments
Supplier name *  
Supplier address *  
Supplier organization number * Organization number, Y-tunnus, Business ID
Supplier VAT registration number * VAT registration number
Supplier bank name *  
Supplier bank account number *  
Supplier e-invoicing address *  
Supplier e-mail address  
Our entity´s name *  
Our invoicing address * For Suppliers - Invoice us
Our delivery address  
Order number * Fortum Purchase Order number
(often starting with MX, PX or PM)
Fortum reference person´s email*  
Contract number Mandatory if we have provided Contract number
Delivery Note  
Invoice number *  
Invoice date *  
Invoice due date * According to payment term agreed in contract
Invoice cash discount due date  
Invoice amount including VAT *  
Invoice amount excluding VAT *  
VAT amount *  
Invoice cash discount amount  
Payment term  
Taxation information

For EU purchases, invoice should contain a statement of VAT compliance - reverse charge. For domestic purchases there has to be stated why the invoice is not subject to VAT.

As regards to work performed in Sweden, mandatory to provide the foreign supplier’s/company’s tax identification number (F-tax by the Swedish Tax Agency). If no number is provided, 30% preliminary tax on the invoice amount that relates to work is withhold. More information is found from here

Download the e-invoicing requirements here

e-invoice XML Standards

Order number
Chevron down


Finvoice /Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/OrderIdentifier

Svefaktura /AdditionalDocumentReference/cac:ID[@identificationSchemeID="ORDER"]

OIOXML com:ReferencedOrder/com:BuyersOrderID

OIOUBL  //cac:OrderReference/cbc:ID

EHF  //cac:OrderReference /cbc:ID

Contract number
Chevron down


Finvoice /Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/AgreementIdentifier

OIOXML com:ReferencedOrder/com:SellersOrderID

OIOUBL  //cac:ContractDocumentReference/cbc:ID

EHF //cac:ContractDocumentReference/cbc:ID

Reference person
Chevron down


Finvoice /Finvoice/BuyerContactPersonName

Svefaktura /Invoice/cac:BuyerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

OIOXML com:BuyerParty/com:BuyerContact/com:Name

OIOUBL  cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

EHF  //cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

Delivery note
Chevron down




Finvoice /Finvoice/DeliveryDetails/DeliveryNoteIdentifier

Svefaktura /Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cac:DespatchLineReference/cac:DocumentReference/cac:ID

OIOXML com:Note