Naantali CHP plant

The CHP plant Naantali, in Finland, was completed in 1960. It is owned by Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE). Fortum's shareholding in TSE is 53.5%. The power plant is operated and maintained by Turun Seudun Energia.

Naantali CHP plant

The Naantali CHP plant relies on biomass 

The plant produces electricity, steam for industrial customers and district heating for the Turku region. The heat is transferred to the nearby cities by a long district heating tunnel, one of the longest in Europe. The power plant's heat capacity is 350 MW, and the steam capacity is 80 MW. The plant uses biomass and coal as fuel.

The new multifuel plant was inaugurated in 2017. The new CHP plant partly replaced the 50-year-old coal-fired plant. This multifuel plant produces 1400 GWh of district heat, 200 GWh of process steam and 800 GWh of electricity annually. Due to the deployment of the new fuel conveyor, biomass is the plant's main fuel, with a share of 60-70% of all fuels.

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