Trainings and training requirements at Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

All those who come to work at Loviisa NPP must complete induction training. This will ensure that everyone is able to operate in the area, taking into account the specific requirements of the sector and safety. Induction training includes a general part as well as a radiation protection part. Training is valid for three years.

Working in the controlled area is conditional on having valid induction training for both parts of the radiation training, i.e. theory and practice.

The general part of the training can be completed the first time online, as can the general part refresher training. If you want to do the general part as classroom-based instruction, send an email to koulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (koulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com).

Instructions for completing radiation training

Radiation training is divided into two parts, theory and practice. The radiation part of the induction training must be done for the first time in the classroom. The theoretical part is valid for three years and can be repeated online. The practical part is valid for six years.

Classroom-based trainings will be held on Mondays of even weeks at the Main gate at 8 a.m. Training in English must be agreed in advance. Please contact sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (sateilykoulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com). The theory part can be completed as refresher training online.

Practical part is organized on Mondays of even weeks at 12.30. Departure takes place from the main lobby (in front of cafeteria).

Register for the radiation training using the form found in the address or by email: sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (sateilykoulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com)

Other required training

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