Accommodation services

There are plenty of accommodation facilities and trailer space in the accommodation village located along the road to the power plant. During annual outages, two people are usually accommodated in each room. Each building has a kitchen, bathroom facilities, plant telephone and a television in a shared living room. The accommodation office can be found in the club building. Sauna facilities and the laundry room are available all day. The maintenance building in the middle of the area mainly serves the workers living in trailers.

From the accommodation area you will find a wide range of different activities. In the accommodation area you can swim, go boating and play different games, enjoy sauna and make food on the barbeque. Activities include table tennis, billiard, gym, tennis, soccer, street basketball, beach volleyball, Frisbee golf and mini golf.

During annual outages the accommodation agency is open on weekdays from 6.30 am to 4.30 pm. There is a possibility to borrow equipment for different types of sports.

Accommodation prices for people working at the power plant:

Single room

14 € / day / room, buildings from 2009 and 2013-14
12 € / day / room, buildings from 1975

Double room

14 € / day / room, buildings from 2012
12 € / day / room, buildings from 1975

Trailer space

3 € / day

Prices without VAT

The accommodation fee will be charged to your company monthly.

More information about the Loviisa power plant accommodation area:
Quartermaster, tel. (010 45) 54911, majoitus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (majoitus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com)

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