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All news regarding Fortum and Uniper

Date Time Topic
21.12.2022 17:00 EET Fortum has completed the divestment of Uniper
19.12.2022 10:45 EET Fortum, Uniper and the German State have signed the final stabilisation agreements – Fortum sells all of its Uniper shares after the Uniper EGM
2.12.2022 12:00 EET Fortum and Uniper strategic OneTeams discontinued as of 1 December
25.10.2022 19:49 EEST Inside information: Uniper informs of significantly negative earnings and that its equity has fallen below 50% of share capital – no additional impact on Fortum
6.10.2022 14:35 EEST Fortum publishes restated comparison figures to reflect the divestment of Uniper
21.9.2022 8:40 EEST Fortum to fully divest Uniper to the German State
20.9.2022 17:20 EEST Negotiations between German government, Fortum and Uniper over a long-term solution for Uniper in final stages
14.9.2022 11:15 EEST Talks between German government, Fortum and Uniper over long-term solution for Uniper continue
29.8.2022 14:11 EEST Fortum’s subsidiary Uniper draws the KfW credit facility in full and requests an increase
29.7.2022 21:30 EEST S&P Global Ratings affirms Fortum’s subsidiary Uniper’s long-term rating of BBB- with negative outlook following German government support