Electricity and value-added services

We are a leading Nordic consumer business, offering our 2.4 million customers reliable and sustainable energy, making their everyday lives easier with new technology and innovative solutions and services. We invite our customers to take an active part in the transformation towards a cleaner world.

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Electricity retail

With our 2.4 million customers, we are the largest electricity retailer in the Nordics. We offer our customers more convenience, affordable smart products, time efficient services and sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, that makes their everyday life easier.

Home charging

We provide safer, faster, more convenient charging at home, by offering high quality turnkey installation, including reporting. Additionally, we offer services for cost sharing and access options for housing associations.

Virtual power plants

Together with our clients and their water boilers, we take the first step towards a new balanced power grid.

Virtual power plant

You have a virtual battery - make money on it!

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Smart solutions

Fortum SmartLiving makes your home more comfortable, safer and helps you save money


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Electricity sales

For more information about electricity sales, visit our local sites below: