Second-life solutions for lithium-ion batteries

Fortum is piloting so-called second-life solutions for batteries, where used EV batteries are used as stationary energy storages after they are no longer fit for their original purpose.

Battery energy storage

After a decade or more of use, a lithium-ion battery is no longer suitable for its original purpose. However, the battery often still retains enough capacity to serve in so-called second-life functions, such as stationary power storages for wind or solar power plants.



Hydropower and battery

Second-life solutions for batteries

We are currently piloting several second-life solutions for used batteries. One of them is an innovative joint project with Volvo Cars and cleantech company Comsys in Sweden, where used batteries from electric vehicles are combined into one great battery. The solution, installed in Landafors hydropower plant, enhances the plant turbines’ capability to regulate the grid and extends their lifetime.

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Second-life solutions for batteries
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