Fortum Circo® PP-CF

Fortum Circo® PP-CF is a compound of recycled plastic reinforced with cellulose fibre for injection moulded applications with low CO2 emissions. The climate change impact of recycled polypropylene is half that of virgin plastic and the carbon footprint of cellulose fibre is negative, making the compound carbon-neutral. Not only is the material an environmentally friendly option, it also meets the technical, aesthetic and haptic requirements of demanding applications.

Injection Molding
Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic
100% Recyclable
REACH & RoHS compliant
Natural grey - or choose your color
Fine or rough fibres from sustainable sources

The PP-CF series is available in different characteristics. The main variable is the amount of cellulose fibre, with both rough and fine versions available. Superior sustainability in processability is achieved through low cycle time and product design due to the low density vs. stiffness along with the unique combination of recycled PCR plastics and renewable content. The material is resistant against sink marks and has controlled shrinkage.

Fortum Circo® recycled plastics
  • Sustainability: recycled plastics & renewable fibres
  • Excellent stiffness
  • Low density vs. stiffness
  • Pleasant haptic sensation
  • Fast production cycle time
  • Low tool wear vs. glass fibres
Viren chair made of Fortum Circo
Fortum Circo® PP-CF series fits a wide variety of applications, such as
  • Automotive 
  • Consumer goods
  • Furniture & décor
  • Electrical & electronic products

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