Fortum Circo® PP-T

Fortum Circo® PP-T is a talc-filled compound of our recycled polypropylene with improved properties, offering higher stiffness and rigidity. With our upgraded and sustainable PP-T, you can replace virgin engineering materials, like those you’d find in automotive applications, with an environmentally friendly option.

Injection molding
Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic
100% recyclable
REACH & RoHS compliant
Natural grey  - or choose your color

With PP-T series materials, the components in the mould cool faster compared to non-filled materials. It is possible to produce more parts per hour, which cuts production costs and time. The mineral filling provides higher stiffness and rigidity, high impact strength, increased chemical, heat and deformation resistance, as well as better dimensional stability. And it is easy to produce a fine surface quality with good scratch resistance.

Fortum Circo® recycled plastics
  • Tough
  • High flexural modulus
  • Low friction and shrinkage
  • Fine aesthetics
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good fatigue and heat resistance
  • Electrical insulation properties
orthex flowering pot made out od Fortum Circo® recyled plastics
Fortum Circo® PP-T fits for a wide variety of applications, such as
  • Consumer goods
  • Packaging & containers
  • Automotive parts
  • Electrical & electronic products

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