Recycled LDPE

Fortum Circo® LDPE series materials are a sustainable choice for Low-Density Polyethylene applications. Our materials are manufactured with a state-of-the-art process at Fortum’s plastics refinery from local, separately collected plastic packaging waste of consumers (PCR). The materials are safe to use, and the climate change impact is about half that of common virgin materials.

Blown film
Post-Consumer & Post Industrial Recycled (PCR & PIR) plastic
100% Recyclable
REACH compliant
Natural grey, light grey & black

Blown film grades of Fortum Circo® LDPE are most suitable for replacing your virgin blown film materials for mono or coex. It is suitable also for extrusion products, such as irrigation pipes, profiles and flexible sheets. Injection moulding applications are also possible, thanks to the wide and flexible processability of our raw materials. The MFI of our LDPE materials is about 1g/10min and they are well suited for high production rates.

Fortum Circo Recycled plastic granulates
  • Low friction
  • Sealable
  • Excellent at extrusion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good performance in low temperatures
  • Electrical insulation properties
Fortum Circo grocery bag
Fortum Circo® LDPE fits a wide variety of applications, such as
  • Bags & industrial films
  • Packaging & containers
  • Construction materials
  • Agriculture 

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