Control Room Design Services

Fortum's control room design services ensure ergonomic, safe and efficient control room solutions for nuclear new build projects, I&C modernisations and control room upgrade projects. Our services cover control room and human-machine interface design, and we can support our customers throughout the project lifecycle.

Hardware agnostic
Flexible scope

Fortum’s control room design services cover projects ranging from small improvements to complete control room implementations. We can support throughout the project lifecycle from defining the scope and requirements to verification and validation, testing and commissioning.

Meeting demand
Supplier independent

Fortum's services are independent of suppliers which enables customers to select preferred systems, but we have experience of many suppliers and a wide range of control room systems.

Mass market tested
End-user's perspective

Based on Fortum’s background as a nuclear power plant operator and a license holder, we have the ability to look at control room design from the client’s and end-user’s perspective.

Control Panel Loviisa

Solutions for safe, productive and ergonomic control rooms

A well-designed control room enables safe and productive operation of the plant and provides control room personnel with easy to use human-machine interfaces as well as comfortable working conditions. Following ergonomic design principles and taking human factors into account early in the design process not only ensures user satisfaction to control room solutions but also diminishes the need for making costly design changes during and after the project.

Fortum has a background as a nuclear power plant operator and a license holder with experience of numerous control room modernisation and new build projects. This gives us unique insights in the client’s and end-user’s perspective. We have years of experience of control room and human-machine interface design projects at nuclear power plants and other production facilities and we are familiar with the key standards in the field.

Fortum is independent of control room technology suppliers, but we have experience of working with many different suppliers and we are familiar with commonly used products. We continuously develop our design methods and tools. For example, we use dynamic control room simulators and AR/VR solutions in control room and HMI testing, verification and validation.

We provide easy access to and integration with Fortum’s other products and services, e.g. Human Factors Engineering services, support for I&C projects and Apros® simulator software.

Our offering

  • Initial clarifications and analyses
  • Control room end-point visions and concepts
  • Requirement specifications
  • Control room layout design
  • Human Machine Interface design (HMI)
  • Procurement specifications
  • Independent design reviews
  • Verification and Validation services (V&V)
  • Engineering and training simulators with Apros®
  • Virtual panel design and deliveries
  • Virtual Reality control room simulators, together with our partners

For more information:

Leena Salo

Control Centres and HMI
Tel: +358 40 595 2345
leena [dot] salo [at] fortum [dot] com

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