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Dynamic simulation is a great tool in complex engineering projects, such as equipment modernization, process modification, I&C renewal, or commissioning tests. Many system changes are very complex and finding out all the outcomes of design changes is a challenging task, to which dynamic simulation provides an excellent tool. With the help of early design verification, testing and virtual commissioning, a lot of delays and problems in the actual commissioning phase can be avoided.

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Great tool for engineering work

Apros provides an easy and fast way to build a small or large plant model for different projects with high accuracy results.

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Application areas

Plant modifications, design verification, virtual commissioning, troubleshooting of unpredicted plant behavior and problems.

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Engineering analysis support

We can carry out the engineering analysis for you or support you in your model development and analysis work.

Apros advanced dynamic simulation software

Before the operation phase of a power plant, different kinds of engineering tasks need to be solved in the design phase. Dynamic simulation provides value to engineers as a tool and as a systematic process to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Development of control strategies
  2. Analysis of the system operation
    • “What-if experiments” that are not possible in the real plant.
    • Transients, such as load or grade changes, but also disturbances, malfunctions and accidents.
  3. Verification of design
    • Integrated verification of the process and automation design, and verification of equipment dimensioning.
  4. Testing of control system
    • Connecting the actual DCS (Distributed Control System) to the process simulator and testing the functionality of the system.
    • This leads to a significantly shorter factory acceptance testing and commissioning time of the automation and earlier start of production.
  5. Training of operators
  6. Development and validation of operating procedures and the control room

During power plant operations, unpredicted states and conditions occur. To ensure plant safety and continued efficient operation, it is important to quickly identify the reason for the observed deviations from the expected plant state. Dynamic simulation is an invaluable tool in these problem solving tasks. It provides a way to:

  • Identify the reason for the deviation
  • Assess the severity of the issue and potential impacts on safety and efficiency
  • Plan a solution to the issue

At Fortum, we have encountered similar challenges in our own plants and projects, and by successfully using Apros to overcome them, we have recognised the great value of using Apros in both small and large engineering projects. We see that dynamic simulation provides very much value in all stages in a plant life-cycle. Thus, the maximum benefits of dynamic simulation are achieved when dynamic simulation is an integral part of the engineering workflow.


Apros® – Advanced Process Simulation Software

Apros® Nuclear is a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plants.

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