Licensing and safety engineering in decommissioning

Licensing of decommissioning is the first part of a decommissioning project and it sets the guidelines for the entire project. High quality preparation ensures high quality implementation. We can support you based on our expertise to set the conditions for decommissioning.

Nuclear power
Owner and license holder experience

We have over 40 years of nuclear license holder experience from Nordic’s regulatory regime including several successfully executed upgrade and modernization projects. Additionally we have experience on numerous newbuild power plant and waste facility licensing projects as well as on decommissioning licensing from Finland and abroad. We have experience of transitioning from operation to decommissioning. Our experience from the preparatory phase can support you to achieve smooth transition to decommissioning.

Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering plays an important role in transition of nuclear facility from operation to shutdown and all the way to decommissioning. Fortum’s strong safety engineering capabilities enable implementation of graded-approach on system’s functional design and safety classification when plant is transferred from operational phase to shutdown and decommissioning phase. We can support our clients in reclassification of facility’s functions, systems and components in different phases of decommissioning life-cycle and developing the DSAR documentation.

Site Clearance

Site Clearance is the final phase of decommissioning. With our support you can set the targets and measures for efficient site clearance. Leaning on our long license-holder experience, we can also support you in regulatory communication and argumentation.

The preparation for decommissioning is a key issue for an Owner for successful decommissioning project. All units have specific features which need to be addressed for preparatory measures. Similarly as in all nuclear projects, licensing has important role in preparation and execution of nuclear decommissioning projects. Clearly defined, smooth and effective licensing process is an essential foundation for safe, cost-efficient and on-time execution of the project.

During the preparatory actions all required safety functions are also established and redefined for different phases of nuclear decommissioning project. Plant safety functions will be updated to correspond the new facility state during the implementation. Successfully defined safety functions allow reclassification of systems, structures and components of the facility and hence also more efficient project execution without compromising safety.

Fortum’s approach to the preparation is to make licensing strategy development as early as possible, as it creates the boundaries for the whole decommissioning project. Fortum has the capability to support all pre-decommissioning activities to achieve timely and cost effective project execution.

Our services include for instance:

  • Licensing strategy and licensing plans
  • Site optimisation and modifications
  • Preparation of DSAR and other decommissioning licensing documentation
  • Safety engineering, including determination of facility’s safety functions and defining the basis for classification of SSCs.
  • Safety analyses
  • Site clearance planning and licensing

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