Owner´s engineering in decommissioning

Fortum has over 40 years of nuclear operator and license holder experience from Nordic’s regulatory regime including licensing, planning and construction of new facilities such as storages and final repositories for nuclear wastes. Due to our extensive operator experience, we are able to provide our owner’s perspective to our clients plans and support in decommissioning planning, engineering and licensing activities. Utilising our competence, the cost and schedule overruns of a first-of-a-kind project can be avoided.

Owner operator perspective

We deeply understand the owner perspective of a decommissioning program or project, basing on our experience. We can provide support for the owner´s scope of the project to secure the project execution from delays and to help the owner in managing the decommissioning project.

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Wide experience of different size projects

Our project management experience in decommissioning ranges from multi-unit decommissioning programs to individual dismantling projects and project engineer support works.

Support for whole plant lifetime

We are capable to support owners in planning and engineering activities in various phases of nuclear decommissioning project, starting from transition from plant’s operation phase to the preparation phase activities and all the way to dismantling phase tasks. With our support, basis for safe and cost-effective execution of upcoming decommissioning project can be created and secured already in the operational phase. For the preparation and execution of the decommissioning project we can support you in the all owner´s activities.

Effective project planning and management capabilities is required in complex decommissioning projects. Fortum has experience on successful execution of nuclear decommissioning related projects, ranging from large decommissioning program in Sweden to individual dismantling projects and small cost optimisation studies. In addition to the project management, we provide efficient engineering and project support for all phases of nuclear decommissioning.

Our services contain for instance:

  • Project management
  • Project engineer support
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimation and optimization
  • Decom strategy planning
  • Preparation and review of decommissioning plans and dismantling and waste management concepts
  • HSE and ALARA planning
  • Supply chain management

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