TOPi® Orion Release Notes 2023-11

TOPi® Orion 2023.11.0 covers both some new applications and several enhanced features for daily process monitoring and production planning purposes.

TOPi® Orion 2023.11.0 covers new TimescaleDB structure as an optional history database, with optimized performance, Message App for data message management, Integral calculation functionality for analyses, ability to save graph automatically and also improvements e.g. for trending features, power balance monitoring and admin tools. Also added enhanced features to RunGuide tool. In addition, usability of the tools have been improved by unification changes of the UI views, and several known application bugs have been fixed. New TOPi® Browser Orion Release with the optional TimescaleDB database offers even more versatile possibilities for effective data management in various usage needs.

Supported browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 115
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 102
  • Google Chrome (latest version at the time of release)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) (latest version at the time of release)


  • Timescale structure changes and support for Timescale 2.0 (LA004660-4445)
  • UI improvements and unification changes (LA004660-4533) (LA004660-4449)
  • Added Message App for interactive data message management (LA004660-4531)
  • Lockout mechanism for too many incorrect login attempts (LA004660-4509)

Data sources:

  • Improvements to support for Timescale 2 (LA004660-4446)
  • Timescale optimization (LA004660-4520) (LA004660-4536) (LA004660-4549)


  • 15 minute increment view (LA004660-4517)
  • Fixed a bug where data would not be loaded when selecting a custom time in the past (LA004660-4503)


  • Added Analysis Integral functionality (LA004660-4470)
  • Added new counter aggregate (LA004660-4495)
  • Fixed time column getting out of sync with very large data amounts (LA004660-4563)
  • Added ability to save graph automatically (LA004660-2228)


  • Fixed a bug where configuration with an unknown data source is silently ignored (LA004660-4334)


  • Timescale support for managing variables (LA004660-4508)
  • Improvements to mass load data functionality, now case insensitive (LA004660-4423)


  • Added optional ramp logic changes (LA004660-4486)
  • Added optional ramp visualization (LA004660-4552)


  • Fixed a bug where adding a new component to the library would fail (LA004660-4518)


  • Added trend value to be visible in the table (LA004660-4441)
  • Added ability to hide y and x axis (LA004660-4516)


  • Fixed a bug where logbook would not open upon login as the first application if dashboard is not available (LA004660-4546)