Training instructions and schedules for General Employee Trainings

The general part of the training can be completed the first time online, as can the general part refresher training. The general part of training is valid for 3 years.

If you want to do the general part as classroom-based instruction, send an email to koulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (koulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com).

The radiation part of the training must be done for the first time in the classroom; the radiation refresher training can be done online.

Working in the controlled area is conditional on having valid general employee training for both parts of the radiation training, i.e. theory and practice.

Register for the radiation training using the form found in the link below or by email:

sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (sateilykoulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com)

English-language general employee classroom-based training must be agreed in advance. For the general part, contact koulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (koulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com); for the radiation part, contact sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com (sateilykoulutus[dot]loviisa[at]fortum[dot]com).

During the annual outages, general employee training will be held at the Loviisa power plant’s main gate and in the controlled area in the radiation protection training room in accordance with the schedule below.

General employee training needs must be agreed upon well in advance with Vesa-Pekka Vilpponen, tel. 010 455 4739, or Mari Sjöholm, tel. 010 455 4703.

When arranging the radiation protection training, verify in advance with radiation control that the training resources are available. During the annual outages, radiation protection is working in shifts. Contact either Julia Viljanmaa, tel. 010 455 3965, Mika Koivisto, tel. 010 455 3929, or Matti Virtanen, tel. 010 455 3928, to arrange the training.

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