Low-carbon solutions for local energy systems

Together with our customers, we are tackling the challenge of providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to end-users. This includes developing low-carbon solutions for local energy systems and electrifying customers' processes.

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Ensure the optimal mix of clean energy solutions

Fortum's aim is to work with our partners in reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions for the future. A good example of this is district heating, popular especially in the Nordic countries, as it can use waste heat from data centers and industry to heat buildings. Fortum is a major player in these energy systems, and our role is to help customers with decentralised, low-carbon energy solutions to supply clean district heating for the needs of municipalities and city districts. We enable cost-efficient heat pump, waste heat recovery and biomass boiler solutions to meet your requirements and energy targets.

A step towards a clean energy future

Optimising regional energy systems and incorporating new CO2-free ways of producing heat enable our customers to take a step towards a clean energy future.

Sustainable heat supply

The ideal mix of energy solutions and optimised operation modes ensure a high security of heat supply in a sustainable and economical way.

Low-carbon district heating solutions are attracting growing international interest

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