Environmental Performance

We facilitate the transition to a low-carbon energy system by developing solutions to decarbonise processes and optimise regional energy systems.

In focus

Fortum to design, install and operate Dublin's first low-carbon district heating network
energy infrastructure in the nature and city context

Helping energy producers to decarbonise operations

The energy industry is undergoing an immense transformation and the development is faster than ever. Fortum’s purpose is to drive the change for a cleaner world; providing power and heat producers with smart and sustainable solutions to help them maintain shareholder value plays an important role in achieving this goal.

We at Fortum eNext help utilities and energy intensive industries revise energy processes and technologies, future-proofing them for years to come. Optimising regional energy systems and incorporating new CO2-free ways of producing heat enable our customers to take a step towards a clean energy future. 

Making energy transition possible

The regional energy systems that we design and build are customer-focused, sustainable and cost-efficient to operate and maintain. Our expertise is backed by over 100 years of technical experience and commercial know-how with district heating throughout Europe. 

Contact our specialist for more information

Ilkka Salmensaari

Manager, Energy Systems
Tel: +358 50 453 4876
ilkka [dot] salmensaari [at] fortum [dot] com