Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance services by Fortum eNext help you reduce emissions to meet new standards and regulations, and increase your plant's profitability without compromising on environmental commitments.

How to reduce NOx emissions cost-efficiently and reliably? Download our white paper to find out. Read more
Technical and economical performance

Keeping your plant's availability and performance fit for the coming years

Emission reductions

Excelling in emission reduction via combustion system modifications and fuel conversions

Maintenance management

Offering solutions for operations and maintenance of a power plant

Revising plant processes and technology for years to come

At Fortum eNext, our goal is to help you increase your power plant’s profitability without compromising on environmental commitments. We provide solutions for revising power plant processes and technologies, future-proofing them for years to come. Optimising regional energy systems and incorporating new CO2-free ways of producing heat enable our customers to take a step towards a clean energy future. With our combustion expertise and technology, your plant’s emissions can be reduced to meet environmental standards and regulations.

We support power producers throughout the power plant’s life cycle by improving plant technical performance and availability, as well as economic performance and productivity. With our expertise, the optimal level for maintenance investments can be defined to find the right balance between the desired production outcome and an acceptable risk level.

Smog in Asian city

Actions make a real difference

Since the 1990s, we have reduced NOx emissions at our customers by over 800,000 tonnes globally. By comparison, Finland’s total NOx emissions were 130,000 tonnes in 2017.

Power plant inside view

Making energy transition possible

Fortum eNext makes the energy transition possible by supporting energy producers adapting to changing operational and environmental requirements. With our help, older power plants can continue to operate successfully as part of the energy system for the remainder of their life cycle.

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