Environmental Performance

Fortum eNext Environmental Performance solutions keep your thermal plant's performance and availability fit for the coming years. We help you reduce emissions to meet new standards and regulations, and increase your plant's profitability without compromising on environmental commitments.

Technical and economical performance

Keeping your plant's availability and performance fit for the coming years

Emission reductions

Excelling in emission reduction via combustion system modifications and fuel conversions

Maintenance management

Offering solutions for operations and maintenance of a power plant

Thermal environmental performance

Our versatile thermal performance services include management consulting and training, planning, productivity and performance development services with remote monitoring for bio, waste to energy (WtoE) and CHP (combined heat and power) plants managing especially availability, energy efficiency and life cycle condition monitoring.  Additionally, we explore O&M and investment costs as well as sustainable needs and targets for thermal and organisational performance audits.  We offer Design Reviews, life cycle analysis and environmental upgrades. Utilize our expertise in combustion & low-NOx technology.

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Kari Lahti
Head of Environmental Performance
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