Spring in a nutshell

Fortum Spring is a demand response aggregator and operator within Fortum. We connect various consumption-side assets and batteries to our platform and provide this harnessed capacity to various energy markets, including ancillary services, via Fortum’s trading system. By utilising the already existing assets for balancing services, we can create additional revenue streams for the asset owner and help the increased renewable production to integrate better to our energy system.

+3000 connected units
+50 MW of flexible electrical loads
+100 MW of flexible heating capacity

Our core segments

Our strategy

Our business is based on partnerships. In our business model, we generate new value that we then share with the customer. And since the customer owns the asset, we think that it’s only fair that the customer gets the biggest share of the generated value. We do our best to generate as much value as possible without harming the original purpose of customer's asset. Because we aspire to be a trustworthy partner to our customer, we are 100% transparent about the value that we generate.


Charging services for businesses

What kind of assets are suitable for Spring?

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Contact us

Juha Sainio

Sales Manager, Finland
Tel: +358 40 777 9311
juha [dot] sainio [at] fortum [dot] com

Emil Jonkvist

Business Development Manager, Sweden
Tel: +46 703 845 662
emil [dot] jonkvist [at] fortum [dot] com

Hannes Ojala

Project and Operations Manager
Tel: +358 40 412 2328
hannes [dot] ojala [at] fortum [dot] com

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