Safety Design Services

During the plant lifetime modifications are made for various reasons. These may have significant safety impact and the safety issues need to be considered from early on. Fortum offers tools and support for this process. The same methods may also be used for new power plant projects.

Lisensing method

The key contributor for the "once-through" licensing of nuclear facilities has been ADLAS® - Advanced Licensing and Safety Design method for Nuclear Facilities.

Supporting design

We have extensive experience in knowledge in safety related requirements, safety concepts, plant behaviour, emergency operation procedures (EOP) and severe accident management.

Upgrades and refurbishment
Safety analyses

Safety analyses are in many cases essential part of design process. Apros®, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) and radiation related analyses are available to achieve optimal results.

Customers wishing to make plant modifications in their nuclear installation or starting a new project can benefit from expertise developed in Fortum. We offer tools and expertise that can benefit customers in this work from early on. Advanced licensing methods, understanding the overall properties and limitation of nuclear facilities design and operation, and analysis capabilities ensure efficient licensing process from early on in the project.

Our offering

  • Planning safety concepts
  • Support on licensing process
  • Analyses for design and licensing
  • Licensing tool of nuclear facilities, ADLAS®
  • Expertise in plant operation
  • Expertise related to accidents and emergency operating procedures (EOP)
  • Expertise in severe accident management and Severe accident management guideline (SAMG)

Jani Ikonen

Newbuild and Operating Services
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ADLAS® – Licencing and Safety Design

Fortum ADLAS® is a proven and efficient Systems Engineering approach to formulate Nuclear Plant requirements and a systematic configuration management method.

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Apros® – Advanced Process Simulation Software

Apros® Nuclear is a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plants.

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