Radiation safety

At the Loviisa power plant, the radiation level in most of the facilities in the controlled area does not differ from natural radiation levels, but they have been prepared for an increase in activity and are regularly monitored. At the nuclear power plant, we work with radiation safety in mind, and for that reason employees are required to have certain skills, for which we offer training and we require compliance with the given instructions.

Valid radiation training (theory + practice) is mandatory for working in the controlled area. In addition, a valid medical certificate of suitability for radiation worker category A and information on previous radiation exposures (radiation passport) are required for foreigners to work in the controlled area.

The validity of the practical training is mandatory for all those working in the control area, because during the investigation of contamination cases in previous years, it was found that a large number of contaminations due to improper stripping did not have practical training completed.

Special radiation protection training (high radiation risk training) is given for challenging and extensive jobs by professional group. The training materials are prepared job-specific and the trainings focus on the radiation protection challenges and risks of the job in question.

The high radiation risk training is not an additional training in addition to previous years' trainings.

It refers to occupational group-specific radiation protection training, which is given in connection with the contractor training to those work groups that work in high radiation risk jobs.

Due to the special nature of radiation, a radiation safety group operates in nuclear power plants. Radiation protection personnel take care of matters such as dosimetry, correct use of personal protectors, radiation protection instructions and adherence to the instructions, and inspections of the condition of radioactivity monitoring instruments. Procedures related to radiation protection activities are intended to ensure the radiation safety of personnel and the environment in all operation situations.

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