Fortum Circo®Lab

Fortum Circo®Lab is a co-creation programme for raw materials development, aiming to support customers in implementing recycled plastic into their production. In the Fortum CircoLab programme, Fortum Circo® recycled plastic material is customised into a compound tailored to the customer's needs and products.

Co-creating sustainability with customers

Fortum Circo®Lab is a co-creation programme for raw materials development. The programme aims to create a recycled plastic compound tailored to the customer's product and production. We work with the customer to assess and determine their needs, the common goals, and where and how recycled plastic can best be utilised in customers' products.

In the CircoLab process, the technical and environmental properties of the material are improved to fit more technical applications. The technical properties of recycled plastic, such as strength, processability, colour and other features, are reshaped and customised to develop a sustainable, tailor-made material compound.

“Fortum Circo® recycled plastic compounds are developed in close collaboration with customers in order to create the precise raw material compound that meets the requirements of the final product.”


Kari Aaltonen, Product Line Specialist, Plastics, Fortum

This is how the Fortum Circo®Lab process flows

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Each development project begins with an initial analysis, where the product features and performance are analysed.

Bio oil for heat production

During the concept stage, the initial specification for the raw material is made and the production concept is created.

Productivity and transformation

Iteration is an important part of the material development programme. In the development phase, recycled plastic is tailored into a specific compound based on your needs.


Mass market tested

Our plastic experts are there to support you at all stages when implementing a new recycled plastic compound material to produce more sustainable products.


The test stage produces the first version of the product with the new material compound to test the functionality and the visual and technical properties.

Ready for the future

Once the material has been approved in trial phase, the production and upscaling the volumes can take place in controlled manner.

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Fortum Circo® recycled plastic compounds can also be tailored to your specific needs and requirements 


Fortum Circo® PP-CF

Fortum Circo® PP-CF is a high-performance compound of recycled plastic reinforced with cellulose fibre for injection moulding applications with a close-to-zero carbon footprint.


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Fortum Circo® PP-T

Fortum Circo® PP-T is a compound of recycled plastic reinforced with talc for injection moulding applications with enhanced stiffness.



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