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In focus: Energy Flexibility

Climate change is forcing the world to decarbonise quickly. Yet, at the same time, energy consumption is increasing. The technologies needed for a clean energy system is already available, but how do you find the right balance and ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of energy available at a reasonable cost? A key component is an innovative and flexible energy system.

Flexibility enables a clean energy system

Flexibility is needed to balance weather-dependent energy production – such as wind and solar – and help mitigate sudden increases in demand. We need a balance between dispatchable production, weather dependent production and flexible resources. For example, when the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine, we fill the supply gap with hydropower in the Nordics and gas-fired power generation in Central Europe. This way, we ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of energy available at a reasonable cost.

At Fortum, we believe that these flexible ways to produce electricity can be combined with innovative solutions like improved battery technologies and smart solutions that optimise consumption and power needs on the user side. In the future also hydrogen conversion and different storage solutions will come into play.

Save money and energy effortlessly

Why should you as an energy consumer care about flexibility? One key reason is that it can help you to save money without you even noticing. Your household can participate in the flexible energy system by adding smart charging, and - if you don’t have district heating already - heat pump solutions to your home. These solutions automatically optimise usage and improve the flexibility of the energy system on the consumption side without any losses in comfort. There are also many other things you can pay attention to in order to use energy more effectively.

Energy storage

Energy storage is one of the great challenges of the energy transition, and as electrification accelerates, battery technology must also become sustainable.

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